Wednesday, June 9, 2010

current reading llist.

Im a hard core reader, I love reading so much my husband can not keep me in books LOL
The current series Im reading is by

Kerrelyn Sparks

Ive only made thru the first 3 so far but Im in love with this series.
I can honestly say its a page turner and will keep you wanting more.
If you like the paranormal romance style of a good read seriously check into these books.
Ive been hooked since page one of book one LOL
if ya do pick up a book from this series share your opinion on here of what you think of them.
I have listed the books in order so you know what to look for also check out for this series

  • (Listed in order, all published by Avon Books)

  • 1. How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

  • 2. Vamps and the City

  • 3. Be Still My Vampire Heart

  • 4. The Undead Next Door

  • 5. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire

  • 6. Secret Life of a Vampire
  • 7. Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

  • 8. The Vampire and the Virgin

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